This July 2008 Anders and Emer got married :)


My family portrait (will need a new family portrait with Emer included summer of 2009)


My name is Anders...I'm born in mid january 1969.. I have four sibblings, all older than me. Two brothers and two sisters.

I'm an uncle of 9 and a granduncle of 9. I even got 2 nieces and 1 nephew in the Philippines..I also got a niece and a nephew in Canada..  They are all wonderful people. Not simply because they are family, but because they are raised to become strong, independent, polite and caring individuals. My childhood was great, I had good friends, and most of them.. are still my good friends.
I never was a geek at school. I hated maths. (I still do) but I love languages.
Hindi po ako masyadong marunong mag tagalog. Ich bin ganz anders.
I made this page so all my friends online can learn to know me a little better.
For those of you who already know me well, don't waste time reading this :P
I answer phonecalls, and guide the customers at the reception desk of a mechanical company just outside my hometown.. I love my job... Some really decent and great people are my co-workers..   It's all in a days work.

My hobbies are not very interesting. I listen to music.                               
For music videoes I prefer VH-1 Classic. I'm not a very big fan of MTV. I hate the commercials and the stuff they put in between the songs. And the skinny female singers. A cowboy loves fat calves..
I like many types of music..Oldies,  Country, Rock'n Roll, Rap, R & B, Pop, some Disco. Even some Classical music..but I don't like Jazz. I don't understand Jazz music. It sounds like they make it up as they go. I thought there were notes for every song. Each Jazz musician seems to play it differently. Come to think of it.. I hate Jazz music :)

When I got plenty of spare time I build model kits..American cars in scale 1/24 and 1/25.. and WWII aircrafts in 1/72 scale..Time consuming, but rewarding..


I love Calvin and Hobbes comics.. He kinda reminds me of myself when I was his age...   yeah right! 

I like watching tv when I have spare time. And the programs should be interesting, Discovery Channel's Deadlies Catch, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs, American Chopper, American Hot Rod, Miami Ink,  Eurosport.. Cartoons, Sit-coms, Talk shows (but not Rickie Lake, Jerry Springer etc) that stuff belongs in private, behind closed doors. My favorite talk show host is Jay Leno   I like his humor, it's innocent but witty. David Letterman can be fun too.. Action tv series like Lost, CSI, Generation Kill.  But all of this may come to an abrubt end as my wife will take over the remote control unit :P

I enjoy watching movies too. Action movies, comedies and some dramas..

Movies like: Gone in 60 Seconds, Smokey and the Bandit, Flight of the Intruder, Three Kings, Shanghai Noon, Italian Job, S.W.A.T., Biker Boyz may be found in my collection.. My all time favorite movie is the thriller:

I've seen this great movie 68 times.. I got the book, the DVD, VHS, vinyl soundtrack, the cd soundtrack score, with all the scary music.. I know the movie by heart.. to my buddies frustration.... So I mostly end up watching it alone.. this summer I fell asleep watching it with Emer.. (It was soooo hot in Laguna)  I mostly watched ice cream commercials on tv.. haha

View from our house          Summer                              Winter




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